eResource Authentication Change

Jul. 24, 2023

Starting July 24, there will be a slight change to how you access eResources. This change will not affect Libby/OverDrive, Cloudlibrary or Hoopla.


When you click on an eResource on your website, they will see the following screen from our new authentication service, OpenAthens.

Screen shot of the OpenAthens authentication screen

If you click on the first option, you can enter your barcode and PIN to access all eResources, with the exception of Hoopla, CloudLibrary, OverDrive and Grant Connect and Ancestry.

If you click on the second option, you can login to on-site eResources. We only offer two: Grant Connect and Ancestry. In order to login to these eResources, you will have to get a guest barcode and PIN that’s specific to our library. 

This new authentication will allow Yellowhead Regional Library, who we get our eResources licenced through, to gather more detailed information about which eResources are being used. This information will allow them to choose effective resources that suit our needs, and remove ones that are not being used. 

If you have any questions about this new service, we'd be happy to answer them.