Public Rules of Conduct

All are welcome in the library, provided they follow the Public Rules of Conduct as found in our policy. 

Public Rules of Conduct

Stony Plain Public Library strives to provide high-quality access to library service to all members of the public. In order to maintain a high-quality library experience, we ask patrons to commit to the following: 

  1. Be courteous and respectful:
    • With both staff and other patrons, use respectful language, volume and tone of voice.
  2. Follow library policies and procedures and other applicable municipal, provincial and federal laws:
    • The consumption of alcohol, cannabis or tobacco products is not allowed in the library
  3. Treat library materials, resources and spaces with care and respect:
    • Stay in designated public areas and use library spaces, equipment and materials for the reasons they were intended.
    • Animals are not allowed in the library except for registered service animals.
    • Drinks are permitted except when using computers and other electronic equipment owned by the library. Food is not permitted except during authorized programs or rentals.
    • Use the internet connection and/or public computers provided in accordance with our Internet Use Policy.
  4. Be responsible for people and possessions in your care:
    • Do not leave children or vulnerable people unattended. Supervise all individuals for whom you are responsible. 
    • The library is not responsible for the welfare of children or vulnerable people left in the library.
    • The library cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.


The library’s social media space is an extension of the physical space and visitors to our social media spaces are also required to follow the Patron Conduct Policy. 

The library will delete any posts that violate the policy, and violations may result in a suspension of library privileges.