Public Rules of Conduct

All are welcome in the library, provided they follow the Public Rules of Conduct as found in our policy. 

5.6. Public Rules of Conduct

Stony Plain Public Library is a public space open to all individuals. All people entering the library are required to treat staff, each other, and the library space with respect.

The use of threatening, abusive, or harassing language or behaviour is prohibited.

Members of the public are not permitted in “Staff Only” areas of the library without the permission of or accompaniment by an authorized staff member. Members of the public must use only those entrances and exits designated for their use.

With the exception of registered service animals or animals participating in a program organized to accommodate them, animals are not allowed.

Weapons are not allowed in the library.

The library cannot be held responsible for personal items lost or stolen on the premises.

Unauthorized use of, damage to, or theft of Library materials, equipment or property is prohibited.

Food is not permitted in the main area of the library. Food may be permitted in the Meeting Room and Program Room during Library programs and during private bookings. Drinks are permitted in the library but not at computer desks or in the Creative Space.

Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes are prohibited either in the library or within 30 feet of the public entrance of the library.

Soliciting or engaging in any commercial activity on Library property must not be conducted, except where it would contribute to the benefit of the library at the discretion of the Director.

The library cannot be held responsible for the welfare of children left in the building.

Violations of the rules of conduct will be dealt with as follows:

  • The patron will be warned that their behaviour is unacceptable.
  • If no proper response is made the patron will be asked to leave the library
  • If the patron will not leave, the police will be called.
  • If deemed necessary, police will be called immediately.
  • Cost-recovery charges, suspension of Library privileges, exclusion from Library property may be invoked and criminal prosecution may be pursued.

The library’s social media space is an extension of the physical space and visitors to our social media spaces are also required to treat staff, other visitors, and the space with respect.

The library will delete any posts that are inappropriate, and violations of these rules will be dealt with in the same way as violations occurring in the library’s physical space. (See above.)