Donor Recognition

    Stony Plain Library appreciates the support it receives from community organizations and individuals. To thank them for their support we have created a donor recognition program.

    Donor Designation     Gift                          Recognition
    Pillar                          $150,000             Shadow box with artefact or plaque with logo chosen by the donorplus video story (up to 5 minutes) for 10 years mounted on library pillar. 
    Platinum                     $50,000 +            Name & Year on exclusive panel
    Gold                           $20,000.00 +       Name & Year on exclusive panel
    Silver                         $5,000.00 +         Name & Year listed on Silver Panel
    Bronze                       $1000 +               Name & Year listed on Bronze Panel
    Copper                       $0-100.00 +         Name & Year listed on Copper Panel

       Becoming a Supporter

      If you would like to donate to the library, please let us know at the Circulation desk or click the link at the top of the page.

      Adopt-a-Book at the Stony Plain Public Library:

      Are you tired of waiting months to read your favorite author’s new release? Try this alternative…
      Help your library and yourself by purchasing the latest best sellers for the library, at library discounted prices! We give you a selection list with upcoming releases, and you choose which one(s) you'd like to adopt.

      • You get to read the book first.
      • You get to purchase the book at a discounted price (save approximately 30%).
      • You’ll have advanced notice of new releases.
      • Tax receipts can be issued for donations if requested.
      • You get to support your library!

      Contact Allison at or 780-963-5440 for information on how to get involved.

      Donating Books

      Stony Plain Library also accepts new and gently used books (no yellow pages), CDs, DVDs, and video games from the public. 

      We can not accept textbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, condensed books, VHS or cassette tapes, medical books with a copyright year of  5 years or older, foreign language books, adult French books with a copyright year of  5 years or older, or non-fiction material with a copyright date of 10 years or older. 

      Material donated may be added to the collection or become part of our book sale fundraisers. We are currently asking that you please defer your donations until after we have moved into our new space in 2021. 

      We raise approximately $6,000/year for the library through our book sale fundraisers!