Book a Tour

Book a tour of the Library (60 minutes)
*Fantastic stories
*Tour of entire library, followed by a children’s section scavenger hunt in groups of 5 or 6 (you will need to arrange for adult volunteers to come help the groups of children during this activity)
(Books and crafts can be tailored to fit with a theme of your choice; otherwise "The Library” will be the theme)

 We come to you (30 minutes – 45 minutes)
*Bring pictures of our library and read stories.
*Bring information packs for parents/caregivers to take home about our library

Please contact Laura by email at or by phone at 780-963-5440 to book a session.

For Daycare operators only
 Create a monthly or seasonal story time with us at your preschool or daycare.
*We can plan a 30 or 45 minute session (time frame depends on age of children), we bring great books, play a game or sing a song.
*Sessions can focus on certain topics, letters, numbers, shapes or colors.
*If we know a couple of weeks ahead of time we can bring themed book packages for you to use over the next few weeks. You will need a library card for us to do this for you.
 (All sessions would start with a brief conversation about our Library.)

These services are free of charge, as a way to promote the love of reading and learning to the children of our community. Programs run from the middle of September to the middle of June.
Please contact Jenn be email at or by phone at 780-963-5440 to book a session.