Summer Fun

“The Case of the Missing Library Book!”

Final Solution

Even though you might not have figured out who took the library book with the map to the Jewels of King Tsani in it, we hope you had fun going to the stores in downtown Stony Plain and using your detective skills to solve the mystery. If you put all the clues together, you would have discovered that Mrs Peach took the library book. Continue reading if you would like to know how to come to this conclusion.


Starting at 6:50pm, Rocky Vincent arrived at Mrs Write’s house to pick up his book that she borrowed. Mary King had been leaving to take Biscuit on a walk when he stopped her and they talked together. At 6:57pm, a taxi dropped Dr T Stewart off at Mrs Write’s house and we do not know what he did for 13 minutes. At 7pm, Mrs Write’s caterer comes and she and Mrs Peach help set up the food. At the same time at 7pm, Jared Montgomery II meets up with Mary King’s client to give them their dog toy package. A couple moments after 7pm, Mrs Peach leaves to go to the bathroom. Around 7:05pm, Jared Montgomery II sees someone run out the backdoor of Mrs Write’s house. At 7:10pm, Rocky Vincent enters Mrs Write’s study and does not see the book. At 7:15pm, Elanor Simpson-Montgomery enters Mrs Write’s study and makes the police phone call at 7:19pm.

If you noticed, Mrs Peach showed up regularly throughout the conversations of the suspects.

Clue #1: Rocky Vincent says that Mrs Peach was having a stressful time finding a job.

Clue #2: Elanor Simpson-Montgomery says that Mrs Peach started glaring at her when she had asked Mrs Write about the origins of the book. It stands to reason that Mrs Peach didn’t want Mrs Write to know that the book was valuable.

Clue #3 was a red herring. That means that it was intended to be misleading or distracting. It was very suspicious that Dr Stewart was doing something unknown at the time of the crime and that he refused to talk about it until he had a lawyer present with him. However, those 13 minutes do not matter to the overall investigation.

Clue #4: Mrs Peach’s handwriting was on a business card for a fashion modeling company in Southern California indicating a time and the caterer. Mrs Write says that Mrs Peach has an expensive taste in fashion but we found out in Clue #1 that she cannot maintain that taste because she does not have a job. Mrs Peach also slipped up when she was talking with the detective. This was their conversation:

Detective: Are you familiar with the Jewels of King Tsani?

Mrs Peach: No.

Detective: Well, simply, they are worth a lot of money.

Mrs Peach: I do not need money, detective. I was a fashion model for a long time but decided to live a quiet life instead. The map to the Jewels does not interest me.

If you noticed, she said “the map to the Jewels does not interest me.” However, the detective never mentioned that the book contains the map to the Jewels. This indicates that she knows about the map.

Clue #5: Jared Montgomery II mentions that he saw a lady with black hair run out of Mrs Write’s house looking frantic.

Clue #6: We learn that Mrs Write told Mrs Peach that she had the book.

So how and why did Mrs Peach do it?

Despite retiring as a successful fashion model, she still had a hard time finding a job and began running out of money to sustain her lavish lifestyle. Mrs Peach learned that Mrs Write had the book that contained the map to the Jewels of King Tsani and wanted to have it for the money. She then planned to take it from Mrs Write when she was preoccupied with the caterer at 7pm the night of the party and ran out with it while Jared Montgomery was helping Mary King’s client.