The Voyageurs

The Voyageurs! 

Together we will make history come alive.

Ages 8-14 
Mondays, 3:30-5:00pm 

 A special thank you to New Horizon Seniors' Program and Parkland School Division for supporting this historical learning partnership! 

Hi everyone!
I have thoroughly enjoyed the time that I have spent with all of you throughout this Voyageur program!  We have learned, laughed, and even cooked together!  It's been so fun!  All three online Voyageur sessions with our three separate groups are now complete with the Stony Plain Library.  I encourage you to please send me your feedback, I would love to use your suggestions for future programming at the library.  You can send them to me at anytime. 
I will now be turning this program over to Jeanette Radchenko, AKA River, who will now be leading you through the changes that with occur regarding the Voyageur canoe excursion.  To respect the COVID-19 restrictions that our community is still facing, this canoe trip will now look a little different.  The dates originally planned for the canoe/water safety portion of the program are now cancelled and new dates/plans will be communicated to you once they are decided.   I will let Jeanette connect with you with the new information regarding this trip.  She will be communicating details as soon as she can.  If you have any further questions regarding this Voyageur canoe experience, please email Jeanette at
She will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. 
Thank you again for an amazing program!  You are all so fabulous!
Have a wonderful week and enjoy the warmer weather!

Laura McGillis