Specialty Items

Tri Leisure Family Passes

We are proud to be able to offer 4 Tri Leisure family passes! Each pass is a 1 week rental and is good for 2 adults and 3 children. Passes are only available for people registered with Stony Plain Public Library (Spruce Grove and Parkland County Libraries have their own passes). Call or come in to place one on hold. 

Click here for a list of activities you are able to enjoy with the Tri Pass (Last updated Nov 4, 2022)

Telus Wi-Fi Hubs

We are proud to offer Telus Wi-Fi Hubs! We have 2 available for rental. Each rental is good for 1 week and comes with unlimited data. Late fees are $2/day and replacement cost is $250. Wi-Fi hubs are only available for people registered with Stony Plain Public Library. Call or come in to place one on hold

Flashback Retro Game Consoles

We have 2 flashback Mini Retro Game Consoles available for rental. 

Sega Genesis Mini Console comes with built in games, a slot for original Genesis cartridges, and two controllers. 

Atari Flashback 10 comes with built in games and two controllers

Kill A Watt EZ Power Meter

Curious how much power your devices are using and want to see where you can save some energy? Borrow our Power Meter and see how much energy is being used by the devices you keep plugged in! You can click here to place a hold or contact us to place the hold for you. 

Sensory Items

Come in and check out our Cohesive Communities Lending Library! Check out the wall next to our returns machine for items you can borrow or ask the staff for the binder with all items we have available to order! Items available include -but are not limited to- protective ear muffs, Bluetooth buttons, teeter popper, spin disc, sensory backpack kits, and sensory floor tiles.

Simple VR Headsets

We have a collection of 3 simple VR headsets. You can use your smartphone with these headsets to view VR videos and other content. Apps not included.