Stony Plain Public Library is not accepting any volunteers at this time.

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunities in the area, you can try the Parkland Area Volunteers Association Facebook page

General Volunteers

Volunteers are individuals who reach out beyond the confines of paid employment and normal responsibilities to contribute time and service to assist the Stony Plain Public Library to accomplish its mission, in the belief that their activity is beneficial to others as well as satisfying for themselves. There are several different ways that you can volunteer at Stony Plain Library; we try to match your skills to the needs of the library. For more information on volunteering please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Bonnie Daley by email at bonnied@mysppl.ca or calling 780-963-5440

If you are interested in volunteering in an advocacy and fundraising capacity, please consider joining the Friends of the Library.

If you are interested in volunteering in an advocacy and governance capacity, please consider membership on the Stony Plain Public Library Board.

Teen Volunteers

Summer Volunteer Opportunities

Check back in May/June for opportunities!

Other Teen Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Bonnie at bonnied@msyppl.ca