Book and Item Donations

Thank you for thinking of donating your books to us! 

We can only accept books, CDs, DVDs, BluRays, and video games that are in good condition. We are unable to accept textbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, condensed books, VHS or cassette tapes. 

What does good condition mean?

  • No yellowed pages
  • No cracked spines
  • No missing or falling out pages
CDs/DVDs/BluRays/Video Games:
  • Original disc (no burned copies)
  • No cracks
  • Minimal scratches

What will you do with my donation?

Items will be considered for addition to our collection. Items that don't make it onto the shelf will be put into our book sale fundraiser. Funds raised will be used to support the library. 

We have two book sale fundraisers: the permanent in library items and the Annual Friends of the Library Books and More Sale