3D Printing Submission Form

You will receive an email confirmation of your submission. We will also contact you via email to inform you when you print is ready
After submitting, please wait for the upload to finish before leaving the page.
If there are any special requirements for your file, please list them here. If possible, please include a link to where you got the file from.
3D Printing Guidelines: We reserve the right to refuse print requests if: they are outside the capabilities of our printer; are weapons or parts of weapons; could be considered obscene or hateful. Our 3D printer is used for primarily non-commercial purposes. If you require a large amount of a single file printed we may refer you to a commercial 3D printing service. If your object is not claimed within 2 months of printing we will assume ownership of the object. Some objects require support and adhesive aids. You are responsible for the purchase and removal of this material. Files uploaded to our server will be deleted after your object has been printed. If you require future copies, please retain your files for future submission. We will always endeavour to print the oldest item in the print queue, though we reserve the right to reassign priorities on a case-by-case basis.